Crux Labs : Entrepreneur Support Program


CRUX Labs is a group of infinite and enthusiastic brains full of energy to innovate Technology for better. They help usual office truants who want to do something earth shattering but got no clue where to start and whose going to support them. They fund, mentor and launch your ideas from scratch to completion to expansion.

CRUX Labs is partner of SWK aka Startup Weekend Karachi. We will fund, mentor and provide any other assistance to the best ideas or participants.

Crux Incubator

Crux Labs

They are sponsoring an Entrepreneur/Idea and assure successful product launch after the progress made from Startup Weekend in Karachi.

Selected teams or individuals will submit their complete Product Development Plan and Forecasted performance report and whatever they would require from the Crux team in the first round of product development.

If you have a business plan/Idea we would love to see it, if not then there is nothing to worry, our associates will do the brain storming for you. Submit your Ideas/Plan on SWKarachi Fanpage to participate.

At CRUX Labs we have a global team of experts in every department mainly includes Software development, Database, Web Programming, QA & Testing, Deployment, Networks, Marketing, Law and HR.

Our selection criteria:

Your idea should be unique
Have Complete Presentation
Knows what you need to do best
Must have a Future Product Plan
Have faith in your Idea.

They are Celebrating Startup Weekend  by Providing free Training to Newbie Entrepreneurs , you can register by completing a form here .

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