Who attends Startup Weekend ?


Startup Weekend brings together individuals with a range of backgrounds and experience. From the seasoned professional to the current student, Startup Weekend is an opportunity to fine tune your skills and gain new strengths as you take an idea from pitch to launch in 54 hours.

About 50% of attendees will have technical backgrounds. This group is comprised of talented, computer savvy programmers, developers and coders that will most likely spend the weekend creating your team’s website, application and UI. For me, these are some of the heroes of the weekend; as a nontechnical participant, these folks were able to translate a sketchpad image of our team’s homepage into landing page gold complete with features I didn’t know were possible.

In contrast to my technical teammates, roughly 25% of participants consider their greatest strengths to be in business development, marketing, accounting/finance and similar business functions. Creating the outreach efforts and supporting materials surrounding your new company, this group may be hitting the streets garnering support, managing social media and focusing on generating buzz about your idea. They’ll also likely be tasked with detailing your business and revenue plans for the future growth of your company.

The remaining 25% of participants will be the creative minds driving the images and graphics behind your company’s brand. From logos, to website images, this group of talented individuals can turn whiteboard session stick figure-esq images and ideas into masterpieces.

Not sure which group you fall into? Maybe it’s all three or maybe it’s the first time you’ve claimed a business background. Both can absolutely contribute to Startup Weekend. Regardless of your background, the common denominator shared by all Startup Weekend participants is enthusiasm for the experience they are about to embark upon.