How does Startup Weekend Karachi work?


Short version:

  • Pitching ideas
  • Voting for the best ideas
  • Discuss and team up
  • Work on the ideas

Long version:

On Friday night people from the audience pitch their ideas.  There can be as few as 10 pitches or as many as 100, we keep on pitching until everyone is done!  We do a simple vote of everyone’s favorite 3 to narrow down the ideas to the top 20%. Individuals then gather around the remaining ideas, discuss feasibility, and identify what they need as far as skill sets and resources to get to work and thus form teams.  People are free to work on any idea that interests them that they feel they will have a value-add for.

Once the teams are formed (on Friday night), they get down to work (Saturday and Sunday) and the experience becomes unique to each individual. This all depends on the idea you’re working on and your role within the team but there are typically 5 states:

  • Team Meetings… planning, decision making and status updates.
  • Whiteboarding… in groups of 2 or 3 to flesh out an idea or solve a problem
  • In the zone… working solo to deliver your piece of the puzzle on time
  • Collaborating with mentors… validating your vision, seeking advice
  • Cruising… getting amongst the other teams to gather more data, opinions, expertise

In addition to working on your idea, we will at times ask you to take a break and be inspired by insightful and motivating speakers. And of course there’s ample time for eating and drinking.

The only certainty of course is that for 54 hours the energy level in the room is going to be super high and you’ll be surrounded by intelligent, talented and innovative people just like yourself.

What better way to spend a weekend?